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Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Northumberland Wildlife Trust has over 60 sites within Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside and they are all free to access! Some are big, some small, some are easily accessible and some are not so easy to get to; a number of the sites offer easy-going routes which are accessible to assisted wheelchair users.

Many of the reserves are important internationally, some nationally and others are important locally - whatever the level of importance, they all are special in their own way.

There is a diverse range of reserve habitats: coastal, wetland, upland, river, stream and urban, all of which host species unique to those areas.

The peat bogs of Ford and Holburn Moss near Berwick for example contain a wide range of mosses, lichens and insect eating sun dew plants whilst other reserves such as the upland oak and juniper woods of the Holystone Valley near Rothbury are home to a variety of wonderful birds, including pied flycatchers and goshawks.

Duncan Hutt, Head of Land Management at Northumberland Wildlife Trust says: “From our urban garden in Gosforth and Big Waters in Newcastle, to East Chevington and Druridge Pools on the coast, up to Flodden Quarry in the North and across to Williamston in the South of the County, nature is accessible to everybody and it’s free! So get out there and have a look.”

For details on what each of the wildlife charity’s reserve has to offer, log on at for more details.

You can download the Northumberland Wildlife Trust Reserves map below

NWT reserves map 2023 (1)
Download PDF • 364KB

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