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​We are proud to say that Northumberland Luxury Stays at West Chevington Farm is Carbon Neutral.

​At Northumberland Luxury Stays, we are committed to sustainable living and zero wastage. That means every stage of our planning and build is undertaken with local environment in mind.

  • Our materials are locally sourced and sustainable. This includes local oak wood, re-purposing broken rubble from West Chevington’s original site to use in roads and floors, and filtering age-old farm soil for plot gardens.

  • We are installing over 200 solar panels to reduce the energy usage of the overall development.

  • Air source heat pumps to increase the energy efficiency.

  • Rain water harvesting.

  • Higher quality sustainable Eco build houses to achieve greater EPC rating.

  • EV car charges for onsite charging.

  • Onsite plant based Carbon Sequestration (removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere onsite) which is a more efficient than carbon “Off Setting” planting trees in another location.

  • Our team has taken great lengths to minimise disruption to the local wildlife and environment during the construction of West Chevington Farm.

  • Working with a local Ecologist, we have protected and homed a family of barn owls within the estate, while taking measures to minimise the impact on their living environment.

  • The site has had several studies undertaken, before and during development, in conjunction with the local council and environmental experts so you can enjoy the wonder of living amongst spectacular wildlife.

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